Tooth pain? Here are exciting benefits of root canal treatment

Tooth pain? Here are exciting benefits of root canal treatment

Tooth pain and soreness give an experience no adult nor child finds exciting. Although there are several reasons behind it, most often it is due to tooth decay – a process that leaves the sensitive areas of the tooth exposed. Getting a root canal treatment (RCT) may give you chills at first, but there are great benefits to having this procedure done at the right time.

Root canal treatment also called endodontic treatment – is a painless straightforward therapy to eliminate consistent pain and grant you lots more befits as enumerated in this health topic.

Root canal treatment stops tooth pain 

Dental pain (and discomfort) is the number one reason why people visit their dentist. During root canal therapy, we deal with exposed nerves and infection in the pulp with the intention of getting to the root cause of pain and eliminating it.

Root canal therapy stops bacterial infections

Pulp infection is a key cause of decay in the tooth cavity. Infection of the pulp is caused by the accumulation of bacteria in this area. With no treatment, the infected pulp continues to harbour such bacteria. This may degenerate the affected tooth or easily spread to adjacent teeth. During a root canal treatment, we remove the infected pulp which harbours bacteria thus going a long way to save your tooth and prevent the growth and spread of these bacteria.

RCT preserves your teeth against tooth loss

When a tooth is hit with cavities and pain comes in – you have the option of restoring the tooth if not badly decayed or extracting it.  In as much as tooth extraction eliminates the tooth (and pain) in question, it leaves gaps between teeth which may cause more oral health problems. With root canal therapy, however, patients don’t have to worry about losing their teeth.

Additionally, missing teeth makes the jawbone easily degenerate over time due to bacteria exposure and other elements. Root canals, therefore, help prevent complications of the jawbone in the future.

Thus, root canal treatment helps to preserve the natural arrangement of your teeth for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Aesthetic benefits of root canal therapy

During root canal treatment, we consider aesthetics in the same manner as during any other dental treatment. Often a decayed/infected tooth has the discoloration of natural tooth structure. The discoloration may even be a result of pulpal hemorrhage prior to treatment. During this treatment, we go beyond just disinfecting the canals of the affected tooth to filling them with tooth-colored fillings that imitate the colour of your teeth so your aesthetic feel remains uncompromised. Besides, the crown used to cap and strengthen the treated tooth is essential in restoring the visual appeal of teeth. As such, they help restore the functionality of the tooth as well as the aesthetic value of teeth whenever they are used in endodontic therapy.

Would you like to take advantage of these benefits from root canal treatment? You can plan to visit any of our facilities in Nairobi or Kisumu for check-ups and treatment.

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