Here is the difference between teeth whitening and teeth cleaning

Here is the difference between teeth whitening and teeth cleaning

Let’s face it! Everyone wants a bright and worry-less smile as it is essential for our confidence. Our teeth, by default, play a great role in our daily interactions and are a part of the “first impression” that surely matters. Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening are some of the many solid procedures professionally performed by our dentists to help maintain that healthy oral hygiene which improves your smile and boosts your esteem.

How would you know whether you need teeth cleaning or teeth whitening?

Teeth Cleaning

This is a procedure that helps to get rid of plaque and build-up of tartar from the surfaces of your teeth. This highly reduces the risk of gum diseases and tooth decay. Prophylaxis is one of the most frequently used cleaning procedures and is ideal to be performed after every six months. Teeth cleaning also helps in treating and preventing gum disease from progressing. It is also known to control halitosis (chronic bad breath) and has for a long time helped identify serious dental issues like infections, tooth decay, oral cancer, and other systemic diseases.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is more cosmetic as it aims to remove stains, yellowness, and different forms of discoloration from the teeth’ surfaces for a better appearance. Though stains do not necessarily signify a health problem they can be wiped off through whitening procedures. Tooth stains can develop over time and are caused by dietary or lifestyle factors for example drinking coffee, smoking, or even taking certain medications. Also, the discoloration can be a result of excess fluoride levels in water – often used in our domestic setups for drinking or cooking.

We are able to professionally handle your overall dental care needs at Lake Dental Clinic with value for time and resources. Talk with us today for your teeth cleaning or teeth whitening services and let’s keep that contagious smile going.

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