3 reasons dental braces could be suitable for you

3 reasons dental braces could be suitable for you

Are dental braces all about swag and class?

Orthodontic treatment commonly referred to as teeth alignment (on braces) should be viewed as a health concern more than it is viewed as a luxury option. Crooked teeth and misaligned jaws have a shade on your overall health thus should never be ignored.

1. Braces for optimal dental health

Crooked teeth can make basic oral care habits such as brushing and flossing difficult or ineffective. With overcrowded or crooked teeth, flossing between teeth crevices and brushing the whole tooth surface is often a challenge. This can result in quicker plaque buildup and eventually make you prone to cavities. You can be less prone to such dental problems if your teeth are properly aligned. In addition, your gum tissue will also be less susceptible to gum diseases since your oral hygiene efficacy will be high.

2. Braces for an improved personality

Personality is an important currency in today’s world. Everyone needs to first feel good about themselves before releasing the same or even more similar energy to the people around them. Truth be told; a straighter, healthier smile can improve your confidence a hundred folds. With improved confidence, you get a rivaled personality that can greatly impact your overall productivity or performance in different settings of life.

braces in Kisumu Kenya
Get braces at Lake Dental Clinic on an installments payment plan. Photo: Lake Dental clinical work

3. Braces for quality and healthy life

Misaligned jaw, crooked and overcrowded teeth are associated with other health issues such as Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMDs) and gastrointestinal (problems associated with abnormal chewing). Getting your teeth straightened puts you in a safe place, far from TMDs and gastrointestinal. Besides, you get to bite well and produce accurate sounds when speaking. As we mentioned in ‘Point No. 1’, alignment of your teeth leads to optimal dental health. Remember multiple researchers have linked dental health problems such as gum disease to other chronic health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.

At Lake Dental, we are ever ready to be of help on teeth alignment through braces and more dental health services. Our braces treatment is made affordable with a flexible payment plan while on treatment. Call our customer care line 0746613679 or WhatsApp 0781345503 for more details.

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