5 Questions You Must Answer Before Picking Your Dentist

5 Questions You Must Answer Before Picking Your Dentist

We all care about everything that matters for a healthy life. The state of our teeth and their impact on our smiles definitely is a critical component of our health. One of the major worries we meet so often is how to know the appropriate dentist (or dental service provider) for desirable oral healthcare.

Well, below are 5 major questions you ought to consider answering as you select the dentist for your health and that of your family:

1. What does the public make about the dentist?

Reputation matters. You deserve a dentist who has an admirable record from other patients. The kind of reviews your dentist possesses is a great guide to what to expect when they handle your case whenever you need to get served. In today’s world, it is very easy to find out such facts. Check out the dentist’s Google reviews page, Facebook page, and more for statements posted by members of the public.

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2. Can I see available media of previous procedures the dentist has done?

There is no doubt that seeing is believing. Dentists who deliver share their success stories in form of photos and videos on their platforms. Such ‘before and after’ photos or video showcasing of how they serve the community of patients should be able to convict you that it is no guesswork when you select them for your dental care.

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3. What technology does the dentist use?

Everyone cares for the safety of their bodies and your teeth are no exception. It is essential to find out the kind of technology being utilized to treat dental cases. Be it cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic dentistry, emergency dentistry or surgical dentistry; the kind of technology employed by the dentist should guarantee your teeth structure safety and recovery as needed. For instance, you do not want to whiten teeth with a model that destroys your enamel since it’s the only part that protects your teeth. Here is also where the cleanliness of the facility comes in handy. You don’t want to choose a dentist whose facility puts you at a point of vulnerability to infections nor other health hazards.

4. What are the people behind the dental facility?

People are for people and teamwork makes the dream work. The team behind any dental facility should inspire you; to give you a feel of life. A faceless dental facility poses more questions as to where they really stand in their connection to the community they serve, isn’t it?

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5. Does the dentist accept insurance payment plans?

If you are a member of a healthcare insurance provider, you probably want to get served with a dental facility that gives you the privilege of cashless payment terms. This eases the burden on your pockets especially when it’s an emergency dental care case.

We hope you find Lake Dental Clinic a perfect match for your dental needs in Kisumu and Nairobi.

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