International Dentists Day: What it Means for Kisumu City

The International Dentists Day, marked on February 9th annually is the Day dentists celebrate prosthetists, dentists, dental surgeons, their assistants, and students of specialized educational institutions in the dental healthcare sector across the world.

We mark this day to show gratitude and reverence to all practitioners who work tirelessly to give you and your loved ones a beautiful smile. Besides, it is a special day meant to attract public attention to the problems of diseases of the oral cavity and the teeth, and their timely prevention.

What does the International Dentists Day mean for the City of Kisumu and its residents really?

At Lake Dental Clinic, the International Dentists Day 2021 means just much not only for us as a facility but to all patients, we have served and continue to serve in this lakeside city.

Quality, safe and affordable dental care, for beautiful smiles

The day, marked on Tuesday 9th February reminded us of our commitment to delivering quality, safe and affordable dental care to the community we serve. We acknowledge we cannot walk alone to achieve this. Instead, it is about walking together, putting more sense of humanity in how we serve you, and not taking for granted every inch of the trust you have in us.

Readily available and accessible dental care

Our approach is to always serve you in the best way possible when you need any of our range of services. That is why we have online appointment self-booking platforms to make the process efficient for you and your loved ones. In addition, our customer service representatives are ever available to respond to your queries on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and on-call 0746613679. In 2020, we saw it fit to introduce our mobile dental services, the first in the region so our patients could experience our quality services in safe and convenient spaces of their choice without being put in vulnerable environments to contract the COVID-19 virus.

We celebrate all dentists across the world too because we understand the substance, they bring to the lives of the different communities they serve.

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