Tooth Extraction in Kenya: When do we extract your natural tooth?

Tooth Extraction in Kenya: When do we extract your natural tooth?

Tooth extraction, otherwise known as teeth pulling or tooth removal is the removal of a tooth from the socket in your jawbone. At Lake Dental Clinic, we always pursue keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible, but we recommend extraction as a last resort. That is when our dentists find necessary health reasons to extract one or more of your teeth.

What reasons necessitate tooth extraction?

1. Tooth Damage

When your tooth is so irreparable through bad cracks, chips that it cannot be repaired through fillings or crowns, we recommend its removal.

2. Infection

Occasionally a tooth may become badly infected right to the pulp and as such it cannot be saved through root canal treatment or medications.

3. Overcrowding

Some of us have teeth that are too crowded for our small mouths and need to create more space by removing one or more teeth to facilitate the realigning of the remaining teeth through orthodontic work (braces for realignment).

4. Impacted tooth

An impacted tooth is one that is not able to grow properly on its own. They occur when something is obstructing their movement – such as the baby teeth not falling out – or when there is not enough room for all the teeth. Surgical removal of impacted teeth is often recommended when it develops problems or causes problems to the adjacent teeth.

5. Gum Disease

Gum disease is dangerous! Advanced periodontal disease can cause the gums to pull away from the teeth, loosening them over time. When teeth become so loose that they can no longer be stabilized through other means, extraction may be necessary.

6. Finances

When it rains, it pours. A patient may come in with a dental problem that requires extensive and costly dental work to save a tooth. When they are not able to afford the expense, extraction may be the most sensible course of action to prevent the risk of infection or further damage.

Lake Dental Clinic cares. You may contact us for professional and painless teeth extraction procedures to get the value you deserve.

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