Dr. Dolphine Minai

Resident Dentist
Dr. Dolphine Minai

Passionate about entrepreneurship, conscious living, and life coaching  Dr. Dolphine Minai – BDS, General Dentistry – established her practice in 2018 and aims at building a practice that is innovative, holistic, and deeply focused on the overall well-being of their patients, characterized by the following unique attributes:

  • Integrative Health Services: Beyond conventional dentistry, the practice offers a range of integrative health services, such as nutritional counselling, stress management techniques, and mindfulness practices, to support patients’ overall wellness. This approach recognizes the interconnectedness of oral health with physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Entrepreneurial Business Model: A model that leverages the latest in dental technology, innovative service delivery (like mobile dentistry), and a customer-centric approach to care. This includes subscription models, membership programs, or wellness packages that provide value beyond traditional dental services.
  • Sustainable Practices: Reflecting a commitment to conscious living, the practice prioritizes sustainability in every aspect of its operations. The aim is to minimize the environmental footprint while promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Personal Development and Coaching: Recognizing the impact of mental and emotional health on oral and overall health, she integrates life coaching services into the practice. This involves goal setting, overcoming personal challenges, and developing positive habits, helping patients achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.
  • Community and Connection: The practice fosters a sense of community among patients through workshops, events, and group sessions that focus on various aspects of health and wellness. These offerings would encourage patients to connect with others, share experiences, and support each other’s growth and well-being.
  • Innovative Patient Education: Utilizing technology and creative communication strategies, the practice offers engaging and informative educational resources on oral health, conscious living, and personal development. This includes blogs, video content, and interactive workshops that inspire patients to take an active role in their health journey.
  • Empathetic and Personalized Care: At the heart of the practice is a deep commitment to providing empathetic, patient-centred care. This means tailoring dental treatments and wellness strategies to meet the unique needs and preferences of each patient, ensuring they feel heard, respected, and valued.


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